Member's cars 1990 to date

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1992 Sedan de Ville  Phil Hole

1992 Brougham Matt Monks

1999 Deville Anniversary, Rod Bevan

1990 Seville Brent Humberstone

1996 Fleetwood. Edward Titmuss

2006 CTS Luxury Sport. Paul Nieuwenhuis

2004 Escalade. Val Fittall.

1995 Fleetwood Brougham. Peter Griffith

1993 Eldorado Touring Coupe. Rod Hutchison

1993 Sedan de Ville. Eugen Rizea

1998 (right and 1999 (left) Jeremy Gaskell

2002 Escalade.  Paul Nash 

1995 Eldorado. Tom Hughston

1990 Eldorado Touring Euro Spec. Clive and Lynda Jackson

2010 CTS 2.8 Sport Luxury.  Stef Roberts. Shaun Greenan

1996 Eldorado ETC.  Paul Carter

2000 Deville Saloon.  Mark Slack

1994 Fleetwood Hearse. Martin Feltham 

2002 Escalade Paul Thomson

2008 Escalade, Paul Gowrie