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Data Protection policy

You will most likely already be aware of GDPR from providers and organisations that hold your personal data.  The regulations will be implemented on 25th May 2018 and formalise previous legislation with tough penalties for breaches.

The Cadillac Owners Club of Great Britain (COCGB) is a non profit making organisation established for the benefit of its paying members.  It does not retain or have access to sensitive information.  It has a data base sufficient to run its day to day business and to produce and circulate its bi-monthly magazine and to communicate with its members in respect of events, shows and information pertinent to Cadillac vehicles and associated matters.

COCGB records names, addresses and contact details of members together with information regarding year and description of vehicles including registration and vehicle identification number.
It does not share any information with any other organisation. It does not give any information to anyone, including a club member, unless specifically authorised by the member on that specific occasion and for that specific purpose for example wedding hire or film shoots or to contact another club member.

COCGB maintains a ‘hire list’ in which members may register an interest to hire their vehicle(s) to a third party for wedding hire or film hire.  They consent to that information being held on a data base and passed to a third party.  In practice their details are only ever passed when a third party requests that service hire and the member has been contacted again to confirm that they are still available to hire.  The club becomes the go between, so as to safeguard all parties. The hiring member deals and is responsible for all matters and agreements with the hirer.

Members are asked to complete the Data Protection preferences form which can be accessed by clicking the button below.

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